Presentazione critica di Emanuele Horodniceanu

Presente anche Vladimiro Dorigo

All’artista il permesso di spostarsi a Venezia per la esposizione, concesso per una precedente personale a Mira, non viene concesso dal Magistrato di sorveglianza di Venezia

Thursday, 13 October - 5:30 pm - free admission - Painting -

Born in Venice in 1959. He works in the field of IT and started painting in 1985 while held in preventive custody, one of several periods when he was held without being sentenced, for political offences against the State. With an interest in the works of Soviet avant-garde, futurist, cubist and abstract artists, he began a study that he named "Forma/Colore". Between the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s, he created the series "Colore/vivo", "Pensieri e pensierini", and "Contro/corrente". During that time, he exhibited in various cities around Italy and his works were put on permanent display at the Fenice Arts Gallery.
Critics who have discussed his work include Giuseppe Mazzariol, Toni Toniato, Umberto Daniele, Giorgio Segato and Nicola Valenzin. Arrested once more in 1993 for political reasons, during his long period in custody he approached figurative painting with drawings, portraits and large realist murals pieced together on large sheets of paper. Since 2002 he has reported of being tortured with mind control techniques. In 2005, he obtained house arrest for health reasons, after more than twelve years in prison. He currently lives and works at Mira (VE).
Exhibition curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
The works will remain on show until 2 November 2005